I was struggling to contain my eczema, when a friend  suggested that I use colloidal silver. She made and gave me 1.5L of the solution. I used part of it to wash the affected area and drank some, in small quantities. Believe me, the eczema has totally disappeared and has never resurfaced since then. 

I have seen excellent results including healing persistent bronchial cough, partial deafness, scalp itch, etc.

Impressed with the results over a period of time and feedback received from users, I feel it is time to share the benefits with others. Having stayed on course with Reiki and Crystal healing, I think Colloidal Silver would be an excellent complement to the healing process.

What is it ?
It is the process of breaking silver into nano particles and making a colloidal solution. This solution is said to be effective in killing the bad bacteria in the body and is said to be effective in healing infections, sore throats, cough, sinusitis, eye infections, gum infections, skin diseases, ear infection and discharge, nappy rashes, cuts and wounds…the uses are endless. It is even said to be effective in healing the cancer cells.

How is it made ?
It is made by breaking silver into nano particles. This is done by passing slow current through a pair of 99.9% fine crystal rods into pure distilled drinking water.  The final brew could be of varying concentration, however, I usually brew a colloidal ranging from 5-10ppm. I believe, for regular use, this is an ideal count.
I have my own silver generator machine and would be brewing it myself.

Recognition by medical profession
There is no scientific proof available in support of the efficacy of colloidal silver. The regulatory bodies have not recognised this. However, the benefits of precious metals such as gold, silver, copper, zinc…to name a few, have been traditionally recognised.

Side effects
The condition of skin turning blue-silver has been reported as a side effect of consuming colloidal silver, though very rare. This is a non-reversible process. However, this possibly happens in cases where the brew has been of a very high PPM count and taken over a prolonged period. My family and I have used it almost conitually for more than a year now and have yet to see any side effects.

Dosage and application
It can be taken orally through mouth. A quantity of 1-2 tablespoons or a small mouthful once a day is good enough. Swirl the liquid around the tongue before swallowing it. This helps in faster absorption in the blood.
It can be used to gargle in conditions of mouth ulcers, gum infections and sore throats.
It can be applied directly onto wounds and skin infections.
It can be used as drops for the nose and ears.

Availability at Parag’s Reiki Hut 
Encouraged by the results, I have decided to introduce this product to those who would like to try it out as an alternative therapy. I have my own silver generator and the brew is made out of 100% pure distilled water.

Packaging would be in 500ml bottles and to keep the costing low, it would be in the same bottles as the distilled water was bought. Consumers are advised to transfer the contents into glass bottles and store them away from direct light.

Concentration of silver would be about 10ppm.

Please feel free to enquire for more details. Availability is restricted to Singapore only.



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