1.  Reiki Therapy –
Reiki Therapy is available for stress relief, relaxation, rejuvenation, treatment of stubborn and chronic ailments, depressions and emotional release, psychosomatic disorders, situational problems, dark energies, etc. Parag offers both “hands on” sessions as well as distance healing. Distance healing service is available world-wide.

Master Parag is an intuitive and a gifted healer and has treated thousands of cases to date, be it on physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or karmic plane.

A typical session includes full body reiki treatment, chakra balancing and use of other techniques such as colour, light, and crystal therapy and counselling as and when necessary.

Parag also employs intuitive point massage technique for release of blockages.

Full Body Hands On
session at my studio – S$170 per session.
Outcalls to homes, hotels, hospitals, etc. – S$300 per call/session.
A typical session lasts for about up to about an hour and includes full body healing, chakra cleansing and balancing (resetting and fine tuning of the rotation speed of chakras), use of other tools such as crystals, colour and light therapy, psychic surgery and such,  if necessary, to facilitate removal of blockages. Time is also allowed before and after the session for consultation/discussion.

Distance Healing is available worldwide for day-to-day and chronic  ailments.

Distance healing :
for personal ailments – S$120 for a single, one off session. S$390 for 6 sessions, usually spread over a week.
For those needing long term healing, monthly, rates are available.
S$990 for a month/30 days.

For situational ailments – To be quoted on a  case to case basis.

Healing would usually be done once a day, for the number of days during the contracted period.
Payments by overseas clients can be made via Paypal, Western Union Money Transfer or banking channels. All bank charges are for client’s account. For remittances by PayPal, a surcharge of 5% applies.  All remittances will be in Singapore Dollars.
All payments must be made before the commencement of or on the day of commencement of the healing cycle.

Reiki students from Parag’s Reiki Hut will enjoy an appropriate discount from the above rates  PROVIDED they have progressed to at least Reiki II level @ The Hut and have maintained the lineage. This discount is applicable to the student for treatment of self only.

2. Space Clearing & Energising for homes and offices
A gifted master that he is, Parag uses Reiki, Crystals and his intuitive powers to effectively cleanse homes and offices of negativities and energise them. Besides on site services, he has the ability to  scan-sense-cleanse-charge through astral travel and therefore, offers this service worldwide as well.
An on site clearing assignment includes one visit to the site plus 2 sessions by remote method as follow up. Assignments by the remote method include 3 remote scan-sense-cleanse-charge sessions.

Tariff : Energy exchange  is based on the sq ft area of the property.


Contact :
E Mail : parag.pattani@gmail.com
Tel : +65 81121634


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